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Penny attended one of my advanced training courses and realized most of what I shared she was already doing. No surprise to me because Penny is a leading professional in our profession, guiding her clients to their personal success and happiness.
Tom Nicoli, Founder & Principal Instructor at New England Institute of Hypnosis, and Founder & Chairman of World Hypnotism Day

I know Penny to be a conscientious and through therapist for whom client care is paramount; she is also respectful of her colleagues in the profession - we need more like her!
Terence Watts, Sole Proprietor, Hypnosense

I didnt know what to expect when I went for my hypnotherapy session with Penny, all I knew was that it was my last possible route to try and stop biting my nails. I found Penny very professional but more importantly I instantly felt comfortable with her and trusted her. I was scared as most people are about being hypnotised, as I thought I wouldnt be aware of what was going on, but actually it was incredibly relaxing. I was aware of everything going on around me the entire session and felt very comfotable. A couple of months on and I am amazed, after years of trying everything to stop biting, something has finally worked!! I would recommend Penny to anyone, she is discrete, professional and makes you feel at ease instantly. Thank you Penny, you're a miracle worker!
Ms J.K, Plymouth, Devon

Penny has a wonderful voice that puts you at ease.  In the flesh she is warm and welcoming, reassuring, someone who becomes a friend very quickly: there if you need her to talk to as a follow up to your visit.  Someone to value.
Ian Davenport, Ivybridge, Devon

I felt completely at ease as if I was visiting a friend, someone I had always known, and could discuss anything with. I would thoroughly recommend your therapies.  Your kind, understanding approach and reassuring suggestions, together with your natural ability to make your clients feel they can open up to you with their problems, and the advice you give is invaluable.
Mrs I.R, Plymouth, Devon

I thought you would like to know that I passed every module this year and will graduate with a 2:2 in September.  My personal tutor was astounded, having seen the wreck that I was at the beginning of the year, and admitted that she didn't think I'd see the year out, let alone pass everything first time (and with significantly better marks than pre-Penny!).  My family still can't believe I've passed (and regularly remind me of their incredulity).  So I wanted to thank you very much as I don't think I could have done it without your help.
Ms J.E, Kingsbridge

I felt very comfortable and at ease.  I would say that your treatments have improved my quality of life 100%.
Miss Emma Sherriff, Plympton, Devon

I just thought that I'd drop you a line since it is now over six months since I came to see you, and I have to admit I am impressed to be sending you this email.
       This is now the longest I have been without a cigarette in a number of years and even the slightest thought of wanting a cigarette quickly diminishes into revulsion and no situation leads me to want a cigarette even if I stand outside the pub with friends of mine who still smoke. The smell of cigarettes does nothing but to question why I ever started the filthy habit in the first place.
       A great technique with fantastic results. I will certainly continue to recommend you.
Nigel Poulsom, Plymouth, Devon

I would like to thank you for helping me with my PTSD. You are an amazing and caring person; without your help, understanding and patience I would never have gotten to the stage I am now. I can now see my way through life, its a long road and I am only at the beginning of it, but I now know with a little more help off you I WILL get there.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  THANK YOU.
Mark Humphreys, Plymouth, Devon

I think your manner and attitude were just right.  I felt you were non-judgemental and sympathetic towards me.  You put me at ease and by the time the hypnosis started I had complete confidence in your ability to help me.  I have already spoken to my doctor about you .... and I know she has recommended you to at least 2 other patients.  I said that I felt you were very professional and capable, and most importantly, put me at ease.
Mrs Jan Westhall, Plympton, Devon

Being a ‘first timer’ to this type of treatment I was very anxious and unsure about what to expect, but Penny has the ability to put you at ease very soon as she has a very reassuring and calming manner.  You can also be confident that you can speak very openly about your innermost worries in complete confidence. 
           Penny has the ability to get very quickly to the root of the problem.  She has a very soothing voice, and even now if I have anxious moments I imagine her talking to me in her calm, relaxed voice and I find this helps me put things in perspective.  
           I felt that Penny helped me face up to my problems … in a safe environment, find a way to control them, and come away with a more positive frame of mind.  I almost felt like my mind had been given a good spring clean, as if all my positive happy thoughts had been weighed down under heavy dustsheets, and Penny then reached deep inside and hoovered out those dark cobwebby corners where all the scary monsters hide, and then opened the windows to let the light in.
Mrs Margaret Metcalfe, Golberdon, Cornwall

How can I begin to thank Penny for all her help, support and kindness in getting me through the most difficult period of my life.  Penny offers a wide range of techniques and procedures to help her clients obtain the best results.  Her whole direction is to help her clients move forward whilst keeping them safe and she instinctively knows what is best for them.
          Penny provides help and support in a professional manner whilst maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment to work in.  Her substantial knowledge and variety of skills give confidence and means she is able to help even if a particular technique doesn't bring the required results immediately. This whole experience was a learning process for me. 
          With Penny you've found someone who cares deeply about what she does and the people who come to her for help.
Mrs Lorraine Ebbutt, Barnstaple, North Devon

I've recommended your services, and the benefits of hypnotherapy in general to lots of my friends.  I told them what a pleasant, relaxing experience it was, and how good I felt when I came out of the session.  I think I described it as a short-cut to changing something about yourself that you sincerely wanted, but were unable to achieve unaided.  It's been a really positive, lasting influence on me.                                            
Miss Becky Scaife, Plymouth, Devon

I'm easily distracted and it [the hypnotherapy] gave me the ability to prioritise what was important. I came away feeling stronger and enthusiastic. Wonderful relaxation, focusing on what you actually want, how to go forward. Great for confidence, self esteem, and a happy sense of self.
Ms Lucy Baker, Gunnislake, Cornwall

Penny Samuels Clinical Hypnotherapy NLP EMDR Plymouth

[The] consulting room had a lovely feel, it was very relaxing as soon as I walked in.  It felt a very safe place to be.  Penny has a great empathy with people and gives the impression that she understands and feels what you are going through.  The NLP managed to keep my head above water while I was going through my very painful divorce.
Mrs Deborah Pollock, Plympton, Devon

[The consulting room] was one of the most relaxing, warm atmospheres I have ever been in.  Penny Samuels is one of the most amazing ladies I have met.  She is so warm, caring and approachable.  As soon as you walk through her door she welcomes you as if you are a friend & when you leave the room you feel like a new person who can conquer the world!  I got my life back!
Mrs Sue Cox, Saltash, Cornwall

…… it has put my life back on the right track again.  I could not have done it without your help.  The very next morning I woke up with a clear head (it was almost shocking, I have forgotten what it felt like) and was able to just get on with things.  It is still the same.  Overall, I feel much happier, more confident and contented.  I am recognising myself again.
Ms Zuzana Fabokova, St Dominick, Cornwall

I felt at real ease.  [Penny is] a pleasant lady with friendly manner and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.  Really listens and tries to really sort out your problems whilst not making you feel uncomfy.  Lovely lady.
Miss Katie Bearne, Kingsteignton, Devon

I felt my issues were listened to and heard.  The personal approach was very good.  [Penny is] professional, understanding, nothing appears to faze her; nothing embarrasses her.  Her voice is so lovely to listen to.  Understands where you are coming from as a client. 
          Penny does her job because she genuinely wants to help others.  She is a 'normal' person with a house to run, husband and children; she understands; she herself has life experience which has led her to help others.
Ms L.T, Totnes, Devon

[Penny] made me feel positive about the sessions before even starting.  I couldn't recommend you highly enough.
Miss Hayley Towle, Plympton, Devon

Since the EMDR treatment, I am so delighted to tell you that I have had no flashbacks since my visit to your office.  I can never thank you enough.
Mrs Audrey Shearing, Kentisbeare, East Devon

Everything was very clearly explained…..  I remember clearly coming away from the session in a very calm and relaxed manner – a weight had been lifted from me; I felt able to face things that previously had held a dark cloud over my head.  I feel I was in a safe environment, which is so important for any one-to-one therapy.
Dr C.P, Plymouth, Devon

I can say the treatment has worked and has put my back in charge of my own body.  [Penny is a] very friendly lady who quickly puts you at ease but more importantly, the treatments do seem to work.
Mr V. Ball, Yealmpton, Devon

I was very sceptical about all types of complementary treatments, however my visit to Penny Samuels changed all that.  My treatment has worked very well for me and I am now feeling less anxious about life’s worries.
Mrs M. Ball, Yealmpton, Devon

Penny, thank you for your kindness and wisdom – you made all the difference.
Mrs Alison Forty, Totnes, Devon

I was immediately greeted in a warm and welcoming manner.  Penny spent quality time …. and carried out a thorough investigation into background information.  I felt as though my situation was dealt with as an individual client, not somebody trying to overcome a common issue [quitting smoking] along with several others, and really feel that I received treatment as an isolated client.
Mrs Annette Harris, Plymouth, Devon

I liked your consulting room very much, it was uncluttered, warm and relaxing.  You are very friendly, easy to talk to, a good listener …. You give the confidence about finding an answer to any problem.
Mrs Meg Goodwin, Callington, Cornwall

I thought you and your consulting room couldn’t really be faulted.  Very calming persona, very, very positive outlook and that helps the patient build their own confidence.  Can’t fault you, Penny!  Very effective, helpful and you were an excellent practitioner.  No frills or fuss, you’re straight in a soft way and quietly confident – not pushy or make the patient feel bad or wrong.  Totally boost them.  Excellent, excellent.
Ms Niki Hill, Plymouth, Devon

Initially the cost was a big factor.  After having several sessions, I realize that it was all well spent!  Penny’s voice was immediately calming and comforting.  Initially I was sceptical about hypnosis, but [Penny] has helped me regain everything I had lost within myself.
          Penny is an excellent listener and genuinely caring.  Penny is very well qualified to deal with a large range of issues.  I would not hesitate in recommending Penny to anyone.
Ms Sally Smith, Saltash, Cornwall

[Penny is] very friendly, confident ... very knowledgeable ... and has a soothing/calming voice.  Penny puts you at ease.  Therapy is well explained with principles explained which can be conducted at home following session.  [Penny has] a very broad range of therapies on offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Mrs C.H.O, Plymouth, Devon

[Penny is] friendly and approachable, [with] helpful techniques and hints to relax.  I didn't feel that I was being rushed during the consultation. 
Mrs Isobel Watkins, Crediton, Devon

The hypnosis is a fabulous experience and yes! you are aware of what is going on, and no! you wouldn't give your darkest secrets away.
          I have tried every diet known to man and they all failed.  Penny the Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist – and my determination – changed my life.  The evidence is me: the happier and skinnier me! 
Mrs Diane Taylor, Plympton, Devon

You were lovely, very kind, caring, non-judgmental and so easy to talk to!  You made me feel very at ease and have shown me how to control my eating habits and not let the food control me.  It has also helped me to look at other things differently too.  I would hugely recommend you to my family/friends.                                                                                                                                                                          
Ms Zoe Steer, Ivybridge

[On the phone] you were very informative and sounded really nice and friendly but professional.  I felt comfortable and safe; I didn't worry.  I learnt a lot about myself and I managed to go in a plane, which I never thought I'd do.
         You are really nice, you made me feel 'at home'.  It felt like I had known you for years.  You gave me confidence and were happy to answer my questions.
Miss Claire Blackler, Modbury, Devon

I have told virtually everybody I know!  I said how fantastic my experience was.
Ian Burgess, Exeter, Devon

I felt totally relaxed and comfortable.  And whether it's all psychological or not, it worked and that's all that matters to me.  I was impressed - wonderful, brilliant.
Mrs Antonia Fitzsimmons, Plympton, Devon

Please note:  The testimonials reproduced here have been given with permission for their use.  The signed and dated original copies are available for inspection at my premises.

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